5-star review in the Guardian for Peter Hill and Benjamin Frith

La Fauvette Passerinette – the subalpine warbler – has acquired a new profile since scholar and pianist Peter Hill's discovery two years ago ... His virtuosic and beautifully poised performance of the 12-minute work opened this recital, part of the current City of Light series.

This was complemented by the massive, seven-sectioned cycle for two pianos, Visions de l'Amen. Hill and Benjamin Frith played this with a balance of serenity and a vast, celebratory resonance. Each player was acutely attuned to the sonorities realised by the other, moving on a slow trajectory towards the final Amen de la Consommation. As the last sound died away, Hill's head was bowed long and low over the keyboard. The audience was similarly transfixed.

A section of fierce, Stravinsky-like chords in La Fauvette provided the link to the version of The Rite of Spring for four hands at the piano. Rarely can this have been performed with such a visceral quality, or clarity of colour and registration. Hill's authority and Frith's power made it unforgettable.

Guardian, 19 February 2015