Catalogue d'oiseaux Books 1-3

Peter Hill



  • He is a complete master of its rhythmic complexity and the finger-breaking defiance of the pianistically possible, but he never loses sight of the fact that the cycle’s main objective is to awake awe in the listener at the majesty and sublimity of creation. The Good CD Guide
  • Peter Hill’s superlative recording, remarkable for its accuracy, sense of atmosphere and the sheer dynamism of his response to Messiaen’s virtuoso demands … some of the finest Messiaen playing ever to have gone down on disc. Sunday Telegraph
  • … One’s jaw drops at Peter Hill prodigies of agile dexterity. Gramophone
  • He accomplishes all this with spectacular panache and an involvement with the music and the quality of piano sound that are a sheer delight … I cannot imagine this being bettered. Hi Fi News

Track listing

  • Book 1
  • 1 Le Chocard des Alpes
  • 2 Le Loriot
  • 3 Le Merle bleu
  • Book 2
  • 4 Le Traquet Stapazin
  • Book 3
  • 5 La Chouette Hulotte
  • 6 L'Alouette Lulu
  • Total playing time [59:02]